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Spirit Lantern Studios offers you a safe, ethical and professional environment to develop and personalize a process that will program mind and body to achieve positive mental and physical results.
Hypnosis, in its very basic form, is a method that brings our mind to a state of deep relaxation.  This deep state of relaxation allows you to still your mind and address any sub-conscious thought patterns and belief systems that may be preventing you from achieving your goals.  This is a very basic description of a very powerful tool that we all have available to us.  You just need to know how to tap into it and use it…let me show you how.
You may know Hypnosis by other names – visualization therapy, guided meditation therapy.   Regardless of how it is described, hypnosis is used extensively by many hospitals, psychologists and psychotherapists around the world to assist clients in a variety of areas.

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However you wish to interpret it, Hypnosis has proven to be an incredibly powerful tool for you to use to obtain the results you seek.




Let go of blame, shame, guilt, and sorrow, let go of cigarettes, let go of anger, see things from a new, higher perspective, live with clarity and confidence, find the courage you need, live your truth.
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